Norms for Promotion

Excelleance In Education
  1. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year's work hence we lay stress on regularity in work and performance in the examination.

  2. The syllabus and the Examination Pattern for this academic session will be available on the school website.

  3. No grade/marks will be awarded to a student who has been absent from any exam. No re-exam will be conducted for any of the examination.

  4. For promotion 80% of attendance is compulsory for every student. In case of serious illness or accident the parents/guardians are requested to inform the school authorities in time.

  5. The Principal with her discretionary power can bring the required attendance down to 75 %.

  6. Attendance in every assessment/examination is mandatory for promotion to the next higher class.

  7. A student failing to be promoted may be advised to leave the School. A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue her studies in the School. No pass TC will be issued.

  8. A student found copying or using unfair means will be awarded zero marks in that subject and will not be re-examined. Repetition of the same will result in her expulsion from school.

  9. A student who fails to be promoted shall there by forfeit for the ensuing year any concession in the fees and may be advised to leave the school, particularly if her conduct has not been satisfactory.

  10. Good conduct, regularity and punctuality in attendance and a sense of responsibility, are essential requisites for promotion.
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